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How to sell

The Wise Way

Do you want to take your business sales to the next level? Learn to sell with Robert Wise, Professional Sales Specialist & Certified Life Coach.

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How To Sell The WISE Way

The Ultimate Guide to Building Strong Relationships

In this ultra-informative book, Robert pinpoints human weaknesses and offers you the “how-to” change with step-by-step solutions to:

  • Becoming a FIGURE OF AWE… how-to discover your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that makes you STAND OUT in business and in life.
  • Tackling your GOALS… how-to stop procrastinating and do it for real, this time!
  • CONVINCING YOU… how-to have a conversation with yourself and become a SELF-WHISPERER vs. a Self-Sabotager.
  • TAKING HOLD of yourself and others… how-to be a LIFE AGENT vs. a Victim.
  • COLLABORATING and CLOSING THE DEAL… how-to learn the step by step approach to becoming a trusted consultant rather than a salesperson.
  • WIN-WIN… how-to use “WISE” negotiating skills to successfully close deals.

Why Sell The Wise Way?

Here are three reasons why my sales coaching is an effective tool for your business or lifestyle:


Increased sales

98% see a boost in their sales performance after coaching sessions.

Better performance

95% have reported that their sales team went from "good" to "outstanding".

Versatile coaching

We have coached, counselled and trained all types of businesses.
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About Wise Sales Coaching

I am Robert Wise, Founder and President of Wise Sales Coaching. As a high performing Sales & Marketing coach, I will help your business (no matter how big or small) figure out what isn’t working and create a pragmatic action plan to help you achieve your business goals.  Financial success can usually be gained in a few short, intensive sessions. With my unique “hands on” coaching approach, I can guide your company to reach its potential.

I specialize in Revolutionary Executive Coaching, Team Coaching,  Sales Training and Company Branding.

How I work I understand that each business has a need for a unique blend of effective sales and marketing to achieve its corporate goals and strategy, so I work with all clients on an individual and tailored basis.

I would initially spend some time with you and your team to: Get to understand your business, your challenges and your opportunities. I will evaluate your current sales and marketing activities and review your reporting, measurements and processes.

Where I can help Developing sales and marketing strategies to align with your business strategy. I will develop innovative and integrated Sales and Marketing Plans.  I will create effective sales processes,  delivering sales training,  identifying opportunities for market development, product development and potential new routes to market. I provide tailored business specific solutions for your business.

I am a Certified Sales Professional (CSP) – A designation of the Canadian Professional Association (CSPA); as well as a Certified Professional & Personal Coach, recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have worked with and helped countless Organizations in different fields (Private Medical Clinics, Telecommunications, Automobile Industries, Financial Institutions, Real Estate Agencies,  Health Spas, etc.)

Working together will be an exciting and positive process that will take you and your team to the next level. If you are determined to achieve positive business results and want to create the next chapter of success, you are welcome to schedule a Discovery Session to explore whether my Professional Sales Coaching Approach is right for you and your Company.

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