Branding Yourself

June 1st, 2017

So where did my fascination about “Personal Branding” start?  Well, about 12 years ago, I started my Marketing career as a Brand Ambassador for many major Companies including Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, and Lindt Chocolate (I even got to drive their famous “Lindt Easter Bunny” car).

My experience as a Brand Ambassador gave me incredible insight on how Companies want their brand to be represented. I had a manual on how to dress, speak, and act while promoting their product. This made me think “wouldn’t it be interesting if we represented ourselves –as our own name brand?”

When I decided to open up Wise Sales Coaching, I wanted to not only Coach businesses on how to have ultimate success, but individuals as well. I believe every person should be his or her own unique “special brand”. Here is my list of 6 tips to help you build your personal and unique brand:

  1. Be Seen

You can’t hide in an office and expect to build your personal brand. You need to get out, make yourself accessible, and be seen.   You may want to attend conferences, even if it’s only to network and to socialize.  Your Social Media profiles need to be open to the public. Interact with your Social Media followers by holding live video sessions. Remember, the more visible and reachable you make yourself, the stronger your personal brand will become.

  1. Show the real YOU

You do not want to view Social Media as strictly a marketing channel. It is alright to promote your company occasionally but focus on showcasing the real YOU. If you come across as an unauthentic “robotic person”, you will turn people away.  Your potential clients want to see the other side of you –besides just your business persona. This makes you appear more human, thus, attracting more people to you.

  1. Know your Industry

Your business is only as good as the people on your team; that includes you. It is important that you know your industry like the back of your hand.  This means staying current on the latest trends and be aware of what your competition is doing.

  1. Networking

A lot of people do not know how to network correctly. They tend to be focused on their own needs and personal benefits, not considering the needs and wants of the other person.  You want to put your focus on beneficial networking. I like to refer to it as “Wise Way Networking”… which is Give & Take.  This means making sure you are attentive as to what the other person is looking for. This approach will help you build more connections and secure opportunities, therefore strengthening your Personal Brand.

  1. Database of contacts

As your Personal Brand grows, so will your contact list. Keeping a detailed list of all of your personal contacts is crucial. Ensure this list contains the following information for each contact:  who the person is; how & where you connected; what is their profession; phone number; email; possible opportunities; and how you can help them.

  1. What makes you unique?

Every major Business has a unique value proposition, and so should YOU.

To find your uniqueness, ask yourself the following questions:

→ What are your strengths?

→ What makes you interesting to potential customers or clients?

→ What is it that makes you better than your competition?

→ Why should somebody work with you?

→ What are the advantages of working with you?

Once you have answered all these questions, make sure your prospects know WHO YOU ARE.

Certified in the field of Business and Sales Coaching, I make a point of living up to my name, in other words, I can help you to succeed…”THE WISE WAY“!

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