Limit Turnover

August 1st, 2017

Turnover at any Company is normal. However, do you find that turnover at your Organization has become a frequent occurrence? The more turnover that happens, the more it will hurt your bottom line.

Turnover usually happens for two main reasons. First, the sales person is just not reaching their target goals, and therefore not receiving the commission or recognition that they were hoping for, and they opt to leave. Secondly, they were poached by another Company.

So, how can you try and prevent turnovers at your Company?

I’ve got good news! There are ways that you can keep your strong sales people (from getting poached) and reduce turnovers with new employees ( who are just not reaching sales objectives).

I will share a few ways that could help:

1) Be sure to hire THE RIGHT PEOPLE for the job. Hiring a sales person is not like hiring a doctor. There is no specific degree required. Usually hiring a sales rep is based on their past experiences. This is why I recommend, before hiring a sales person, you should contact a Certified Sales Professional to help with the screening process.

I have worked with numerous Companies, helping them to hire the right person for the job. I examine the personality traits which are detrimental to success in the world of sales. I could tell you if your candidates have what it takes to thrive in a competitive sales industry.

2) TRAIN your team. There are numerous ways to sell, and most of those ways are not always effective. Sales people need new strategies, tools, techniques and a real understanding of what they are selling and HOW to sell it. I train people to sell “THE WISE WAY“. I work with a strategic program that practically guarantees your sales team’s success. Knowledge is power! Empower your team with the proper sales training and they will thrive.

3) COMPENSATE them. People need to feel valued, recognized and MOTIVATED. Compensating your sales person with a fair commission structure is an excellent motivator. There are different ways to compensate, such as: Base salary plus bonuses, profit sharing, etc… I have worked with Companies on the most effective ways to implement a compensation plan that works with their sales cycle.

4) POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. Sales people thrive on being told that they did a great job. Compensation is great, however receiving recognition for a job well done, does a lot for their morale.

Certified in the field of Business and Sales Coaching, I make a point of living up to my name, in other words, I can help you to succeed…”THE WISE WAY“!

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